Play – The Very Essence of a Child’s Being

Play – The Very Essence of a Child’s Being

Jeanette Primost, Representative of the International Foundation

Of Brain Gym® International

In 1998, I had the good fortune to take part in an Edu-K International Gathering in Canada at which the world-renowned author and lecturer Joseph Chilton Pearce was the keynote speaker. I was fascinated by the information that Dr. Pearce conveyed, especially when he said that a baby requires three things to grow up as a happy, balanced human being: nourishment, audio-visual communication, and play. המשך…

Brain Gym – A Way of Life

Brain Gym – A Way of Life

We are a group of experienced instructors accredited with the right to teach and to practice Brain Gym® both with individuals and also group work.

We are representatives in Israel of the Brain Gym® International Kinesiology Foundation whose head quarters are in Ventura California USA. www.braingym.org

The Foundation is dedicated to promoting world wide the practice of Brain Gym by qualified Instructors who have participated in their learning curriculum and which then gives them the rights of Consultants and Instructors of Brain Gym®.

Brain Gym® is based on the principal that through movement and play, and through directive attention to ones goals, it is possible to develop and support all ages to reach their full potential.

The beauty of this technique is that everyone can apply it to himself. It can help to overcome stressful situations as well as to enhance the sense of well being. Increases organizational ability, powers of communication, an increased ability to understand personal inner needs, to facilitate learning from personal experience, as well as developing the creativity and self expression of each and everyone of us.

All the associates of our group have had experience in this technique, believe in its effectiveness, and remain as excited as ever by its ability to foster individual growth. We are dedicated to presenting this technique to as many individuals as possible as well as to the many institutions and organizations, in the realm of  “Education”, “Health”, “Business” etc. so that they can develop themselves along their path in life to reach fulfillment.

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym International